KinkoKitty's Happy Fun Art Time


new commissions post! wow, excite

but there are a few changes! based on my last few commissions, most of the demand has been for the larger lineless drawings ive been offering u_u so, now all i will be offering for awhile are large lineless drawings; and the price depends on how much of a character i draw! i think the prices above are reasonable enough :0 other than that, its the same as my last few commissions posts u_u

feel free to contact me via my askbox or my email, which is, if youre interested in commissions! that very same email is also functioning as my paypal email, so any payments would be directed there u_u

additional details: if you want more than 1 character drawn on the same canvas, any extra characters will cost an additional $1 to any type of commission! furthermore, any copyrighted fanart displayed above isnt for sale; i only really draw original characters for the most part. if you want to know exactly what i will and will not draw for money, feel free to contact me via my askbox on tumblr, or my email (written above!)

also, feel free to reblog this and spread the word! thats always appreciated. have a nice day! u_u <3

doodle of my chao babies. terzo, nika, and zarko

doodle of my chao babies. terzo, nika, and zarko

drawing more animal crossing cats.

EDIT: stream over

Gonna do an art stream tomorrow around 1:00 pm. I really just want to play some games today so I moved the stream to tomorrow, in fact I may move all my art streams to Sunday.

I lost my portable headphones, and have now discovered that the kind of headphones I use are only sold in Japan now. who knew.

Just finished the last class of this term at school, now I have like 5 days of free time until the next term, I’m gonna go finish a video game that I started a long time ago.


oh my god


Hullabaloo has officially reached it’s final stretch goal of $240,000! Yep, that’s a full 300% more than the original goal. Now that all of the goals have been met, we’ll get two more shorts, Curse of the Cheshire Cat and The Mysterious Island, and a full-orchestra soundtrack for all shorts. You can learn more about Hullabaloo over here at it’s Indiegogo page. Thanks to everyone who donated or spread the word! 

Some Pokemon doodles.

Some Pokemon doodles.

just gonna do some quick pokemon doodles, gonna be a rather short stream cuz i gotta lot of school work to do. 

EDIT: stream over